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Who to Attend

Anyone who has little or ZERO knowledge of Photoshop CC.

Entrepreneurs, Marketing Executives, Freelancers, Photographers, Hobby

About The Course

Before we start cooking, we have to understand the uses of different utensils so that we know when to use it at the right time. Same goes to Photoshop Tools. Although there are many step-by-step Photoshop Tutorials which can be found through search, if we just apply it blindly without fully understanding the functions, we would find it hard to utilise it to the maximum in the future.

Note: This course covers more on the most essential Photoshop Tools that we will be using frequently.


  1. Bring your own Laptop

  2. Download Photoshop CC

    (click here to download 7 days FREE trial)

  3. Prepare 3 - 4 photos

  4. Passion & Enthusiam

Mode of Delivery

15% Lecture​

85% Hands-On Practical


Min No.of Students :  4

Max No.of Students: 10

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding the different types of tools and their functions.

  • Using tools to create different effects.

  • Using the combination of tools to create interesting effects.

  • Knowing when to apply the correct tool.

  • Crop and mask images into shapes or text.

  • Using Pen Tool

  • Using Gradients

  • Using Brushes

  • Adjustment of Colours

  • Fundamental of Layers

Final Project

  • Create a simple postcard design based on the Photoshop tools you have learnt to apply.

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What will you bring home?


Certificate of Achievement

"It is not about what certificate you have attained, but rather, it is the fun and practical learning experiences that you can apply in your work or life."

After Course

  1. Up-to-date Photoshop CC skills

  2. Study Materials

  3. Retention of skills based on 85% HANDS-ON practical in class

  4. Completion of your own simple postcard.

  5. Able to email me after the course for FREE consultation.

Friendly Meeting

  • Held on every end month, to share new ideas, experiences and have fun exploring.

Date: 04 & 06 Feb 20 (Tues,Thurs)   |   Time: 7pm - 9.45pm   |   Venue: Central, To be confirmed.

(*Next Available Date: 5 Feb 2020, Wednesday, 9am to 5.30pm)


Wynn, the founder and Visual Consultant of LinkingGaps with nearly
20 years of experiences in Graphic and Web Designing,
holds a Diploma in Visual Communications in NAFA. Because of her passion to share knowledge and skills, she later took an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from Institute of
Adult Learning and then 
WSQ Specialist Diploma in Leadership
and People Management.

Apart from this, Wynn is a patient, approachable and a passionate 
IT / Soft Skill trainer and Arts & Crafts for adults and also primary schools. She loves to use different methodology and examples to teach different people as she believes everyone has their own style of learning. Thus, this can actually inspire and bring out individual's uniqueness and innovative characteristics, something that they would NEVER THOUGHT they COULD do it before! She loves to see beautiful transformation in people's lives, even if it is just a tiny change.

"Sometimes it is NOT ONLY about the skills, but rather who you are, 
who you want to believe you are and who you can be!"

So enjoy a fruitful journey with this wonderful lady...


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