7 Ways of Cropping in Photoshop with JUST 1 Crop Tool

Hello friends, it has been a week again! Welcome back to Linkinggaps. In this blog, we are going to learn about 1 specific tool, that is the Crop Tool.

Everyone knows what is a crop tool. Besides finding it in Photoshop, you can even find it in your mobile gallery where you can edit your photo straightaway. You can find it in different programs like Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, online cropping or any photo editing applications with crop features.

So in that case, what is the purpose of cropping in Photoshop since we can find crop tool so easily anywhere? Well, Photoshop is well-known to be the best image editing tool used by professionals, photographers, graphic designers and freelancers. So of course, they do include certain features that other applications do not have. Do You Know? In Photoshop, do you know besides doing a normal crop, we can also crop using a fixed size? We do not even need to create a new document and then port the image to the right size we want. And do you know that you can straighten an image eg. a bridge by drawing just 1 line? Rotating an image EASILY without going through extra steps like Edit and Transform? Have you heard of Rules of Thirds and how it can help make your image looks more pleasing and capturing to the eyes? How to crop image without deleting the outer canvas so that you can keep it for future use. And finally, what if you have a portrait photo, but would like to extend it into landscape for Facebook banner? Photoshop makes easy. It helps to save our time and effort. Alright, now is the time to put into practice. Below are the 7 Useful Ways Of Cropping in Photoshop shown in video. It starts from easiest to slightly advanced. Hope it helps to lighten your workload and a good start into becoming a Pro in Photoshop soon. Enjoy your learning journey.

1) Crop image to your preferred size (0:20) Crop to any size you prefer just by dragging. 2) Crop image to a fixed size/measurement (1:10) You can crop an image using a specific size eg. 800px by 300px OR 20cm x 10cm (Please specify CM - centimeters or PX - pixels when entering the sizes) 3) Crop image for Instagram or using recommended sizes/ratio (2:29) You can crop based on the recommended sizes found inside the list.

4) Crop using Rules of Third (3:31) Rule of Thirds is a basic guideline used for cropping an image that makes a photo looks more pleasing to the eyes. It is also helpful for people who are unsure on how to crop good photos that will look attractive and professional.

5) Straightening or rotating image while Cropping (5:04) Previously, we always used to crop a photo first, and then go to Edit Transform to rotate or straighten the image through our own naked eyes. However, now photoshop has made things easier for us. We can just straighten a photo while cropping just by dragging a “ruler” following the line of the image.

6) Crop using Content Awareness (auto-fill the canvas with similar background) (5:51) Content awareness is a very useful tool. It helps to remove unwanted objects as well as to fill in missing details. Of course, it does not always look perfect and we might still need to use other tools to touch up certain areas. However, it really does help a lot more in lightening your workload for approximately 75% to 80% or above.

7) Crop image photoshop without cropping canvas (7:09) We used to crop an image and replace it with the original file, and guess what? We realise there was NO going back. Our original file had been replaced with the latest version. So how are we going to retrieve back the original file? NO, NEVER! It was gone and lost forever. ☹ But now, things had changed. You can have a choice to decide whether to keep the outer cropped portion so that you can use it over again to crop different areas, or you can choose to delete the outer cropped areas entirely. Anyway, the choice is yours.

I sincerely hope that you have at least learnt some skills from this Blog. Feel free to give us feedback so that we can improve it further.

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