Design doesn't have to be hard. Read this C-B-A tips now!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Frustrations, delays, deadlines, lack of inspiration, client chasing, wondering how or where to start? Oh my goodness! WHY is it so HARD to start off with a new design?!

So what is the best way for an amateur or even professional to create an artwork? Let us share with you about this powerful C-B-A special tips now (that only you and me will know).

What is "C"?

"C" represents "Collect". Be DARING enough to be a RUBBISH COLLECTOR! Collect whatever research you think that is nice. Walk around shopping malls, beach, any events, any corners, take a lot of photos like it's nobody's business. And don't be shy! Stretch out your lovely hand and grab a few pieces of flyers or postcards on the go. Dig a secret place and keep it safe and sound.

So why is it important to be a "Rubbish Collector"?

Have you ever thought where our knowledge and skills to solve a problem come from? Do you think it comes in suddenly to solve our problems because we are smart? Hmm.. sorry, I mean I know you are smart, but we need to extract the right knowledge and skills to be smart too when things happen. However, most of us, even I myself, has to get myself inspired to create new design. We can get inspired by a simple quote, an old coffee saucer, a piece of tissue paper, or even an ant that is crawling by. And then, the "AH-HA" moment will come! But come on seriously, who will get inspired everyday and every moment? DO YOU get inspired each time you go to work? Do you get inspired each time you squeeze into the MRT or a crowded bus or even get inspired by snatching seats during lunch time? So does that mean we have excuses not to complete our work just because we do not have that "AH-HA" moment yet? NOW, that is where your "AH-HA" resources come along to save you to create your "AH-HA" design!

So what is "B"?

Brainstorming?! Nah, sounds boring. Why not BUILD your own empire! Now, it is the time to lay out all the ideas, your intentions, your messages, the possibilities and even the impossibilities (It always seems impossible until it's done).

It's time to SHOW HAND! Be as crazy and creative as possible. Be as curious as a cat (Yes, I know, curiosity kills a cat though)! Be bold enough to try out! Explore, explore and explore! Draw a mind mapping chart and build your own empire on a BIG piece of paper, sooo BIG that it covers your BIG face. Got it?

Lastly, what does "A" stands for?

"A" represents "AIM". Always AIM to be simple. A quote to remember, "LESS is MORE". Now is the time to eliminate the unnecessary elements. Take a pen and start crossing out all those ideas that you think is NOT important or useful to fit in. Remember, a good idea might not be executable, however a normal idea, might turn out to have good outcome. Be ready to eliminate these elements until it is left out with 2-3 ideas that you think are workable. Finally, combine these elements into ONE object, ONE focus, ONE important message that you want to convey to your audience!

Sounds Simple? Of course, this is my intention to make it sound simple, but doing needs time. You have to start this habit somewhere.

Food for thought:

C-B-A method reflects in reality too. Many times, we tend to COLLECT a lot of rubbish along the way in life, regardless of work, career, financial, relationships and so on, as burdens, painful lessons or learning journey. We started to BUILD this experiences slowly into parts and parcels of our life, an important part of our skin that we find it hard to leave out. It is good that we collect a lot of experiences so that we can make improvements in life. However, most of us do not know how to eliminate or let go things or people that DO NOT fit into our life. We take in everything that comes in. We start to accumulate more burdens, stressed and unwanted thoughts and therefore, it diverts us further away from our goals. Just like a design, a life that looks messy with NO focus at all, with NO direction. Life is going nowhere! However, if you have learnt how to eliminate unnecessary distractions and useless thoughts upon building experiences, and AIM to put the right things together, ultimately, you are a winner whether to yourself, to life or to design!

So what are you waiting for? Apply the C-B-A tips now!

Look out for our weekly blog!

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