"I am left-brained, I can't be a designer!" Is that true?

Many times, I have heard..."I can't be creative like a designer.. I'm left-brained!" So is this a fact?

Most of us think that designers use the right brain. In actual FACT, every one of us uses both sides of our brains (or never use at all.. Oops...Just kidding..) but whether your right or left brain is your most dominant one, makes a difference in what you do! So what do right and left brain controls? Well, most probably you have already guessed it correctly again.

Right Brain is associated with emotions, feelings, mood, expression, creativity, abstract, innovative, subjective, visuals, recognizing faces, intuition. Sometimes you might even come across artistic people who are quite cranky or had an unpredictable mood! Those people have a very high percentage of dominancy in their right brains. And many times, people around will not be able to understand their "abstract" intentions. However, their depth of creativity and courage lead them to create the most extraordinary masterpiece in this world. To them, the Impossible becomes Possible. Most work for passion rather than money.

Left Brain is associated with objectives, details, information, structure, results, analysis, logic, figures, names, languages...Left brain people are more objective.. They use logic and details to analyse a situation before making a decision, whereas right-brained dominancy usually based on their intuition and feel. Most of the time, dominant right brain will NOT know the reason on how they are able to solve a problem, but left brained people are able to explain it step by step.

So back to the question, do designers have right-brain dominancy? Usually and probably a YES again, Designers are more dominant in their right brain. That explains creativity that is able to attract people through visuals. However, a good designer also use their left brain at a certain percentage. Let me explain the brief process to you. An example, a Poster.

1) First, designers need to brainstorm and create ideas. Creating something out of nothing is using right brain.

2) Next, put all necessary contents into a layout, we have to decide which contents to add in and eliminate, which is using left brain. 3) Then, we have to place it cleverly in a way where it is easy to read and able to convey the message, which is left brain again.

4) Finally, we have to make it attractive to capture people's attention, right brain again.

Therefore in every thing we do, there is always an involvement of right and left brain whether you are a designer or not. Problem solving though classified as left brain, involves right brain too.. Imagine, you are trying to solve a problem, you have to come out with different methods and perspectives to solve it. You have to think out of the box and not using the same method to solve different situations.

So, can brains be trained to be more balance? Certainly! It depends on your interests and habits. If you are a left-brain dominant, you might not have much interest or find it difficult to come out with something appealing. That does not mean you cannot be creative, it just means that you will need more effort to try to see things in a different perspectives, and do things out of your comfort zone. Designers who are more right brained dominant might find it difficult to follow a structure of a content or process, but because of that, it also help designers to become more organised. So conclusion, usage of both brains are important. Time to have some fun! Click this link to find out which brain are you dominant at and what is the percentage you get. (Though it states 10min, you need not spend 10min if you think is not necessary. Have FUN!

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