Top 10 Tools in Photoshop You MUST know!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

TOP 10 Basic Tools in Photoshop You MUST Know, NEED to know, USEFUL to know. Best for Beginners with -0 knowledge, for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing executives, freelancers, career-switch, personal use. WHY using the right tool is Important? Many people learnt photoshop without knowing the real reason why we use the tools. To become a Pro or a learner in photoshop even if you have no background, foundation is still the most important. You have to understand WHY we are using a specific tool, WHEN to use that tool, WHAT to use when you need to edit some changes, and HOW to use it. Finally, HOW are we going to COMBINE these tools to help us reach our goals. Photoshop is NOT really a FIXED ON step-by-step where I am able to tell you exactly what to do next. Photoshop is very dynamic! If you follow the step-by-step, well you are still able to get it, but that's going to bring you only this far. Instead you have to understand and recognise the purpose of the tool.

Ask yourself, WHY are you using a spoon to drink soup, why don't you use a fork or chopstick? WHY do some people use chopsticks to eat rice or noodles or even vegetables?

I have created a very simple video for a start (almost 20 min) on the TOP 10 Tools in Photoshop you will need to use frequently in Photoshop. You may refer to the timestamp below if you are much interested in a particular category. Hope you enjoy and do give us some feedback so that we can improve on it.

Purpose of the Tools 1) Move Tool (00:39) Whenever you see this “North, South, East, West” directional icon, you know this is a Move Tool. It helps to move your image from 1 place to another.

2) Selection Tool (01:05)

a) Marquee Tool 1st type of Selection Tool

The Marquee Tool is the most basic of selection tools. This tool is used to draw selections based on geometric shapes such as rectangle, square, oval and circle.

b) Lasso Tool 2nd type of Selection Tool

The Lasso Tool is used for selections where there is no pre-defined shape. It gives you more freedom to create the shape you desire.

c) Quick Selection & Magic Wand 3rd type of Selection Tool

Quick Selection and Magic Wand Tool are a type of selection that expands outward and automatically finds and follows defined edges in the image.

3) Crop Tool & Perspective Crop Tool (05:57)

Cropping is the process of removing unwanted portions in a photo.

4) Eye Dropper (07:44)

To choose a color accurately from an image in order to use this color for other objects.

5) Brush Tool (08:46)

It acts like a “Painting” or “drawing” tool with strokes, and is designed to replicate the feel of ink on canvas.

6) Clone Stamp (10:18)

Allows you to duplicate part of an image. It is used to retouch a group of pixels by copying and pasting them over to another group of pixels, so that the area will blend seamlessly with the rest of the image.

7) Background Eraser Tool (11:42)

To erase the background of an image.

8) Gradient & Paint Bucket Tool (12:49)

Is a gradual blend between 2 colors (from light to dark, dark to light) or even for multiple colors. It can be used to draw linear, radial, angular, reflected or diamond gradients.

9) Text Tool (15:17)

Allows you to type text to your image.

10) Shape Tool (16:38)

Allows you to create graphic shapes in the form of a filled layer with a vector mask, a solid fill, or as a path outline.

Above is a very general description of the tools. To know more about WHEN to use it and HOW to use it, you may download the softcopy from here. Learn at your own pace.

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